Why You Should Find A Mentor

When starting at a new college or university, one of the main questions that people will constantly ask you is in regards to your major of choice. “What’s your major?”,  “What made you choose that major?”, and “Do you like your major?” are all common questions.

Many students don’t even know what they want their major to be until their second year of school and this decision can be extremely hard for many students who are afraid that they will make a wrong choice that will negatively affect their future. But, once you have committed to a major, one of the most important things to do is search out a mentor in the field that you want to go into.

Why You Should Find A Mentor

If you have your sights set on being a business manager, go to networking events hosted by your school and try to meet a professional who would be willing to give you advice and even show you what their job- the future job you want- entails. You can find a mentor across any discipline, and if you aren’t keen on finding one through a networking event, you should make an effort to speak with a professor or two that you have connected with.

Asking a professor to be your mentor will be extremely beneficial. For one, they have a lot of knowledge in the subject that they teach. They will also be a great reference later on in your college career when you need to apply for an internship, student government position, or job that requires a faculty member reference.

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