3 Tips for Making Barista-Style Coffee at Home

Coffee is one of life’s greatest inventions. The energy-boosting drink is hugely popular across the world, with so many variations in how it’s enjoyed and different methods for making it. As a busy student, the chances are coffee is a big part of your day. Buying coffee in a cafe is one of the best ways to drink it, but it can be super expensive to buy each day. Here are some tips to help create barista-style coffee at home. 

Grind Your Own Beans

Having freshly ground coffee beans is so different from buying ground coffee. The flavor is so much smoother and will remind you of the rich taste of barista coffee. You also get to enjoy the smell of freshly ground beans which will transport you to a cozy cafe scene.

Use a Milk Foamer 

This simple trick can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying coffee. There are different choices when it comes to purchasing one, from a simple electric whisk to a heatable jug. Dairy milk or ‘barista-style’ plant milk will froth up perfectly when you use one of these devices and will make your coffee foamy and frothy. 

Garnish with a Sprinkle

A classic choice in cafes is chocolate powder, but you also find cinnamon in some places. Having a light dusting of some tasty garnish on top of the frothy milk will take your coffee to the next level.

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