5 Things To Keep in Mind When Dying Your Own Hair

Most college students have to figure out how to live with a limited budget, and spending a fortune on your hair isn’t really an option. You might even consider dying your own hair to save some money, and here are a few things worth keeping in mind if you decide to go down that road.

Hair Health

Applying chemicals to your hair isn’t a good idea if your hair isn’t already in good condition. If your hair is in poor health, it’s better to consult a professional so you won’t damage it even more.

Color Choice

Dying your hair just because a certain color is trendy is a huge no-no. Not every color will suit you, so make sure to use color charts to figure out if a certain shade works with your skin tone and complexion.

Start Small

You should avoid making drastic choices when picking a new hair color. Opting for a hair color that’s one or two shades darker or lighter than yours is a good place to start.

High Maintenance

Certain hair colors require frequent touch-ups and aren’t that easy to maintain, and they’re best avoided if you’re a busy student short on time and money.

Right Products

When picking a hair dye that you’re going to use, stick to reputable, high-quality brands. Make sure that the packaging offers clear instructions and consider doing a patch test to make sure you won’t have any adverse reactions.

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