College Service For Disabled People

Prospective college students with disabilities will have to filter colleges according to a whole different criteria. You need to find what campuses are equipped to receive you, but no worries there are way more than you might think!

Many colleges have student services offices and disability coordinators that are specialized in advocacy, support, and academic services. In addition to campus-based resources, disabled students are also protected by law. Among the best colleges for students with disabilities there are 2 that stand out. University of Michigan has an office called Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) since 1989. The organization advocates for students with disabilities. It was the first to establish “an adaptive technology computing lab.” The services of the SSD are free to students.

Another university is the University of Southern California. USC offers the Disability Services and Programs (DSP) which provides all the help and support needed. Autonomy is a top priority for this office.  “While we provide personal and administrative support, our philosophy encourages students to take responsibility for their academic and co-curricular activities.” The DSP provides a lot of free services including tutoring, note taking, special accommodations for testing, assistive technology and meetings on the unique needs of students based on their specific disabilities.     

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