How to Recover From Pulling an All-Nighter Before Your Exam

If you’re a night owl, you probably leave studying for the last minute because you’re more productive late at night. Many college students tend to go down this road, pulling all-nighters a day before an important exam, and here are three easiest ways to recover from them.

Not a Regular Thing

All-nighters will be easier to recover from if you don’t make them a force of habit. Doing it once in a while is all fun and games, but you’ll mess up your sleep schedule if you do it all the time, especially if you have several important exams during the same week.

Time for Rest

It’s important to set aside some rest time after your all-nighter so you could go back to your regular sleep schedule as soon as possible. A quick power nap can give you an energy boost to make it through the day, but you can also go to bed earlier that night to catch up on your sleep.

Healthy Diet

The things you eat and drink during and after your all-nighter make all the difference. You might be tempted to load on coffee or energy drinks, but they’re best avoided because you might struggle to fall asleep that night. Sugary foods are also not a good idea, and you should opt for a nutritious, protein-rich meal instead.

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