This is Why Books Will Make Your Life Better

We are really pleased that there is finally a proper academic term for the catharsis or release reading a wonderful book can do for a person.

Yes, the help and escape that a book can provide a person dealing with or going through a specific experience can now be defined as bibliotherapy – otherwise known as reading therapy.

When we talk about bibliotherapy and the concept of books providing us with insight or guidance in dealing with some of the many obstacles or challenges life can throw our way, we aren’t talking about the wealth of “self – help” of “how to” guides that have become so popular, we are talking about novels.

This is Why Books Will Make Your Life Better


Books that tell stories about characters that face similar challenges to us and deal with them in different ways and allow us to see and relate and ultimately manage our own experiences. After all, doesn’t literature often hold a mirror to society or to the reality of our own everyday situations?

Bibliotherapists suggest reading novels that tackle issues through the fictional narrative is a proven method in helping people. And we just love this new mode of making us happier.

If you are dealing with grief, feeling lost and pessimistic about the future, feel like your self-esteem could do with a kick in the butt or just need an all-round pick me up – you know what to do. Hit the bookstore!

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