5 Leading 2022 Fashion Trends That Aren’t Going Anywhere

Photo by tyler richardson on Unsplash

2022 will soon be behind us, but if you thinking that some of the fashion trends from the past few months will just go away—think again. This year has put many wild fashion crazes on the map, and here are five that aren’t going anywhere.


Barbiecore is the defining fashion trend of 2022, and it will be just as popular in 2023 when Greta Gerwig’s Barbie actually comes out and all the fast-fashion brands start copying all the trendy hot pink runway looks.

Y2K Fashion

Just like the 90s before them, the 2000s are now experiencing a huge renaissance in the fashion world. From cargo pants to low-rise jeans to tube tops and butterfly patterns, countless trends from this era are all the rage right now, and they’ll keep coming back in 2023.

Platform Shoes

Just like barbiecore, platform shoes are one of the major 2022 fashion trends that we owe to Valentino, and it will take a while before we witness their downfall.

Cutout Outfits

Cutout clothes were going stronger than ever this year, and we probably won’t say goodbye to them for as long as Euphoria exists.


Euphoria isn’t the only pop culture phenomenon to inspire fashion in 2022. Emily in Paris put berets back on the map, making us fall back in love with them every time a new season drops on Netflix.