How to Ace Standardized Testing

In order to get into the college of your dreams, you need a high SAT. score. In order to do so, you need more than a desire to do well. You must have a hard work ethic and determination in order to succeed on the standardized test. The SAT is unlike any test you have taken in high school because of its unique format. Here are some effective study strategies and tips that will help you ace it.

Getting Hired

If the date of your college graduation is rapidly approaching and you have yet to snag the entry level job of your dreams, don’t worry. Instead of panicking at the thought of graduating unemployed, take this as an opportunity to hone in on what exactly makes you a marketable candidate among a sea of similarly qualified individuals. Here are ten steps that will not only mentally prepare you for the job search process but will also teach you how to make yourself “hire-able.”

Leather Moto Jacket Is The Right Thing To Own

Back in the days, girls that were brave enough to wear a Leather Moto Jacket was considered a rebel or butch. Well in the days that gender bender is a key element, and all conventions are being challenged this is history.  Today, when women wear a leather jacket it just another fashion item to strengthen her femininity. This item gives a young vice, updated, strong look and more importantly keeps you warm on a cold and windy night.

Two Massive For-Profit Colleges Allowed to Become Non-Profits

In what has been a controversial announcement, the Education Department has decided to allow tow large for-profit colleges to become nonprofits. The colleges in question are the Art Institutes and Kaplan University. Both of them will become public colleges and this is something that is going to be closely watched as other colleges look to do the same thing.

Why Networking is Key

Meeting people is an essential part of life. As you grow older, you come to realize that random people that you meet have the possibility of growing into meaningful connections.

Goodbye Dorm Room, Hello Freedom: A 5-Step Survival Guide for Life Off-Campus

When the time comes to move out of the dorms and into your own place, there will be an array of new challenges to face. Delightful landlords, indicators of mom behavior, shopping and cooking as well as some DIY cleaning tricks and fixes will all become part of your life. As with every challenge, you will have your moments, but don’t worry, we know you can do it.