Up Your Networking Game

As a college student, thinking about the real world can be intimidating and in fact, it should because it is. There is no spoon-feeding allowed anywhere beyond the college campuses and schools. Building your own connections with big companies in order to ensure a secure future and an expected lifestyle is very crucial to growing as an adult in the real world.

Dorms or Outside Apartment?

Here’s one of the big questions about college. Should you live on campus in the dorms or in a nearby apartment. We have weighted the pros and cons and come up with a good solution for you! First of all, most college require freshmen students to live on campus for the first year and they give them the option to choose.

Playing Devils Advocate: The Number 1 Reason You Should Not Go Abroad

Are you a college student considering taking a semester abroad in order to obtain your elective credits through obscure cultural classes and self-discovery? Different universities offer a wide range of study abroad programs that fit the credit needs of virtually any student. And if for some reason your school does not offer an abroad opportunity perfect for your academic goals, you are more than likely able to get your credits from participation in outside programs or through another school's abroad opportunities as well.

Should Emotional Support Animals Be Allowed On Campus?

Sydney Sheets is a college student who takes Halo, her service animal, everywhere. When it comes to Halo going into class with her, a few people have issues with it, even though it is not against the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act covers service animals. Plus, the federal housing act says that, even though emotional support animals have no rights in classrooms, they do have rights in regards to housing and dorms.

Free Tuition at Webb Institute – What’s the Catch?

The small, yet elite Webb Institute of Higher Learning, located on Long Island’s North Shore, offers all its students full 4-year scholarships. What’s the catch? There’s only one major - naval architecture and marine engineering.