Spanish Siestas Are Underrated

Life is filled with different wonders.  A variety of events and situations have the ability to cause immense happiness in many people.  However, sometimes, it is important to recognize the little things in life that can culminate into some of life’s little pleasures.  For example, one of the best, yet most underrated pleasures of life is definitely… naps.

Playing Devils Advocate: The Number 1 Reason You Should Not Go Abroad

Are you a college student considering taking a semester abroad in order to obtain your elective credits through obscure cultural classes and self-discovery? Different universities offer a wide range of study abroad programs that fit the credit needs of virtually any student. And if for some reason your school does not offer an abroad opportunity perfect for your academic goals, you are more than likely able to get your credits from participation in outside programs or through another school's abroad opportunities as well.

Is it Possible to Have Different Friend Groups in College?

For many people, their high school experiences have been defined by their friendships with a very specific group of people. High schools are known for being pretty cliquey, without a ton of opportunity to make new friends outside of your designated group.

Should Emotional Support Animals Be Allowed On Campus?

Sydney Sheets is a college student who takes Halo, her service animal, everywhere. When it comes to Halo going into class with her, a few people have issues with it, even though it is not against the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act covers service animals. Plus, the federal housing act says that, even though emotional support animals have no rights in classrooms, they do have rights in regards to housing and dorms.

5 Essentials Every Freshman Must Have

Freshman year of college is one of the most anticipated, and challenging, year of many youngsters’ lives. Getting these five items will make sure your year is as happy and successful as it can be. These five items provide comfort and ease to the living and studying situation of freshmen in college everywhere.

The Importance of Developing Relationships With Professor

Some advice that is commonly passed down from older college students to the younger ones is the idea of developing a good and close relationship with at least a few of your professors. Many times, at school orientation panels, older students and faculty members stress the importance of this and the advice is honestly truly worth it.