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5 Surprising Benefits of Having a Mini Fridge in Your Dorm

A mini fridge is one of the essentials that will make your dorm room truly feel like your home away from home. If you...

Why You Need a Roommate Chore Chart

For many people who have grown up in a house with their family for their whole lives, they are used to having some sort of space that’s their own and if they are lucky, their parents may do the majority of their household chores.

4 Things Every Dorm Room Needs

College is a time of new things, new experiences, new people and of course new living. You’ll be busy running around to class, club activities, sporting events and dining halls. It’s important to have a nice space to come back to that feels like a sanctuary, study space, and a fun place to spend time with your new roommate and friends. Check out this list of some dorm-tech that will make your dorm room great!

Dorms or Outside Apartment?

Here’s one of the big questions about college. Should you live on campus in the dorms or in a nearby apartment. We have weighted the pros and cons and come up with a good solution for you! First of all, most college require freshmen students to live on campus for the first year and they give them the option to choose.

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